Musgrave Province

Musgrave Alcurra-Tieyon Project

The Musgrave Alcurra-Tieyon Project is the subject of JV with OZ Minerals Ltd (OZ) that enables OZ to earn up to 75% of the project for an expenditure of $7.5m. The Musgrave project consists of four granted tenements, of which the Stuart Highway and the Adelaide-Darwin railway pass through the project area (Figure 2). The Company’s exploration focus in the area is on Ni-Cu-Co and PGE targets.

In conjunction with the South Australian Native Title Services (SANTS), the Tjayuwara-Unmuru Aboriginal Corporation (TUAC) and OZ, an on-country Cultural Heritage Survey was recently completed, enabling the WML/OZ JV to now commence its Copper-Nickel-Cobalt exploration program in the Musgrave Province.

Figure 1. Survey Team

Figure 2. Musgrave Alcurra-Tieyon Project Location 

Immediate Exploration Program

The immediate exploration program at the Musgrave Alcurra-Tieyon Project has been designed to test six areas that have been identified from aeromagnetic and drill hole geochemical data as shown in Figure 3. Initial drill hole targeting was based on the Vector Residual Magnetic Inversion (VRMI) of pre-existing magnetic data, with the intention to further refine targets with EM prior to drill testing.

Figure 3. Immediate exploration targets

A ground-based, Moving Loop Electromagnetic (MLEM) survey covering all six target areas is scheduled to commence in Q3, 2018  (Figure 4). The results from this survey will be used to refine the drill hole locations of the pursuant RC drilling program which will commence immediately following the MLEM survey.

Figure 4. Overview of Moving Loop Electromagnetic grids