May 2011

The Australian Government announced the relaxing of access conditions to the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA)

May 2011

Woomera Exploration registered as a private company and converted to a Public Company in July 2012

March 2012

Norsa Exploration Pty Ltd registered

Oct-Nov 2012

Woomera Exploration granted 7 Exploration Licences covering 5,155 km2

June 2013

Norsa granted 7 Exploration Licences and 2 Exploration Licence Applications covering 6,417 km2

December 2014

Woomera Exploration completed a takeover Norsa

February 2015

Completed technical review and surrendered ~50% of combined holding

March 2015

Woomera Exploration granted a Resource Exploration Permit by Department of Defence

April 2017

Signed a binding agreement to Acquire 10 Lithium tenements in Western Australia

March 2018

Successfully listed on the Australia Securities Exchange